Our Vision/Purpose

Put simply, we believe in the potential of small towns.

America’s success was built on the dreams and hard work of ordinary people, not just in the great cities, but in small towns and communities across the country. But somewhere along the way those small towns were left behind; by investors, by businesses, even by their own people who had no choice but to leave for bigger towns in search of a better life. We take a different view. We believe in a vibrant future for small towns. We believe that the values that underpin our smaller communities are unique and hard to find in the urban sprawl. We believe in the enormous economic potential of small towns and in building the better life right here in our own back yard.

All these towns have dreams and plans for a better future. But what they need to realize those dreams is some financial and strategic backing. That’s where we come in.

We exist to be the catalyst which helps communities across the MidWest re-stimulate their local economies and build new dreams for themselves and their families. Whether it’s creating elegant new dining venues, establishing a new local craft brewery, restoring glory to a former landmark hotel, or simply bringing back manufacturing to areas that have gone too long without it, we aim to make small towns across the MidWest more successful and attractive – creating new jobs and and a quality of life which encourages more people to stay, build their careers and raise their families.

Our Values

  • We believe in the potential of Small Town America, its people and businesses.
  • We are long-term value builders, not short-term profiteers.
  • We set great store on the integrity of our colleagues and partners – we want to enjoy working together.
  • We seek to be bold and original and in our thinking and our actions – no point in following the herd.
  • We are relationship-driven, prioritizing our people and our partners above all else.
  • Nimble and flexible, we can align ourselves to our partners’ needs.
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