Welcome to CL Enterprises LLC

CL Enterprises (“CLE”) is the holding company for the businesses of husband and wife team Peter Limberger and Inga Carus.

CLE’s investment focus is on the following industries: agriculture, basic manufacturing, real estate development, consumer products and hospitality. Our focus is concentrated in the Midwest of United States, specifically Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan.   Our investment horizon is very long-term.

CLE is headquartered in Peru, Illinois, in the heart of beautiful Starved Rock Country.   This beautiful area was populated long ago by Native Americans in a region just southwest of Chicago, where the Fox River runs into the grand Illinois River, and is where the Starved Rock name comes, from a legend dating back to the 1760’s.

CLE has developed a portfolio of businesses, that range from traditional farming operations to a regional craft brewery with the unique capability of having its own hops and malt production, to wood product manufacturing, with kitchen cabinets and other custom woodwork. Our Real Estate Development company is currently planning the restoration of two historic hotels and are developing several exciting and unique downtown properties in small towns in the Midwest.

Each of the companies that belong to CL Enterprises has a unique product and/or service offering, and we believe is best in its class, region, or industry.  We are striving to provide our customers the highest quality products and best services at fair prices. We believe in the value of creative, high quality architecture and design and are continuously trying to delight residents and tourists with new and creative designs and products.

Our businesses should provide stable returns, ensure that employees develop and thrive, as well as make positive contributions to the communities in which we operate. We reinvest the profits of our companies to ensure their financial stability, productivity, and growth.

We are committed to the leadership and all of the employees in each company.   We collaborate with our business leaders to develop the long-term vision of each company.   All managers and employees participate in the success of the businesses.   We strive to make our companies the best place to work and where it’s possible to have a lifelong career.

We believe that private business can be one of the most powerful forces for change in society.  We strive to create value and are keenly aware that how we act when doing so, is the legacy we leave behind us.

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